Entropia Estate

Market data from auction about deeds in Entropia Universe. And your first stop for virtual visits of Entropia estates.


Current deeds in Entropia in-game auction

Property Name Planet Bid Price Buyout Price Date
All recorded data is manual and we cannot verified if each estates sold for that price. Use this information at your own risk when dealing with trades outside of Auction House.

What is Entropia Universe MMORPG?

Entropia Universe is a Massive Multiplayer Online video game designed and maintained by Swedish software company MindArk. It was first released in 2003. Entropia uses micropayments business model where players can exchange currency into in-game currency called PED. The exchange rate has been fixed since the beginning at the rate of 10 PED:$1 USD

What do we provide at EntropiaEstate?

At EntropiaEstate we provide a reference for understanding the historical worth of Estates deeds that are available in-game. We capture the prices in PED that auction issuers are willing to sell their digital properties. We also provide virtual visits of Properties for your viewing before buying or bidding. Know before buying the actual value of an estate.

What is an Estate deed in Entropia Universe?

In Entropia Universe we have different type of deeds. Estate deed are player housing provided by MindArk and Planet partners. Estate Plot deeds are areas the player can add structures. Estate Land Area deeds are bigger areas where mobs can be added for hunters. And Estates Shop deeds is a special type of building where the player can sell items from the game at their own prices.