How to buy Crystal Palace Shares?

Where to find Crystal Palace Shares?

To purchase shares in Entropia Universe you need to access it through the PED card in your inventory. Right Click on your wallet and select Entropia Exchange.

Inventory window

Double click on "Crystal Palace Space Station" and you will see the next window open. Crystal Palace or CP is located close by Planet Claypso. It has shopping booths and some very higher level mobs. This is not a place for new players.

IEntropia Exchange window

We can see all shares available to purchase sorted by price. Let's buy 10 shares at 15.98PED, and we can see that there are 3425 available at that price.

Offers window

Click on the "Buy" button on the bottom right of the window.

Number of units to buy window

Change the quantity and click on the green check mark. The quantity modal will disappear.

Max Unit Price (PED) window

Double-check the price and then click on the green check mark. You will see a confirmation window next.

CP Transactions window

We can check in our transaction history if we actually acquired those shares. This is also where you can see the payout amount and frequency.

Congratulation now you have just learned how to purchase Crystal Palace Shares. Those shares will generate 0.01PED each. I use PlayPointGames website to track shares payment amount. It is free to sign up and is maintained by Entropia players.