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In search of new resources, corporations of Earth sent probes and ships across the vast distances of the galaxy. Planet Calypso was discovered to be rich in natural resources and of similar composition to Earth, and was settled several decades later.In the early stages of colonization, signals from distant probes began to infiltrate the Calypso communication networks and the corporation's robot labor force revolted; a brutal war ensued that devastated the fledgling colony and forced colonists to offworld habitats for decades.

In the backdrop of an apocalyptic sci-fi landscape after the robot war, colonists struggle to resume building their new civilization despite the unknown intelligence that now controls a hostile robot force, as well as fierce mutants that have arisen from the ashes of war. The battle for dominance of Calypso among the mega corporations begins.

Atlas Haven Estates

Billton Estates

Chateau Liberte Estates

Chikara Estates

Tower Ai Tower Kansha Tower Koufuku Tower Sachi Tower Yuujou

Corinth Estates

Echidna Estates

Genesis Estates

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Isle of Troy Estates

Hestia Estates

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Omegaton Estates

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