How to buy virtual estates from different planets when you are on Calypso?

Where to find estates deeds?

Let's say we wanted to buy an estate from Asteroid - also known as FOMA Asteroid - which is located of planet Calypso. A short ride away you can find a few hundreds' player housing and shops.

After a while you will recognize names of estates and their corresponding planets. For example Beta North is part of FOMA Asteroid partner area which is controlled by a player.

Find an NPC auction and select Estates Deeds and make sure you are on Calypso

Calypso auction window

Details of the estate deed

If you double click or select and click on View - you will enter the detail of the auction.

auction detail window

You will see several important information - let's focus on bid price and buyout price which are the same. Lucky for us, it makes it easier to purchase. We could just buy it right now for the asking price - but we can look the actual information before purchasing.

estate detail window

You can right-click oon the deed and see more like coordinate in the world or planet and market value. The issue with the market value is that we see every single estate deed value. It does not help us really. FOMA Asteroid estates are the less expensive property you can get in Entropia - you should not buy that type of estate for more than 1,000.00PED - to understand why it is because the foot traffic in FOMA is not plenty hence its value is less for player's of Entropia. Of course, it can change over time as the game continue to exist and the migration to Unreal Engine - Mindark is making in 2022.

deed detail window

Purchasing deed

To purchase the Beta North, 6E we can just click on place a bid button. First let me give some insight on the naming convention of deeds in FOMA Asteroid.

  • Beta is the name of the area or complex - which means we know it is player housing and not a shop.
  • North is the name of the tower or teleporter to look for on the map when you go to FOMA.
  • 6 is the floor number.
  • E is apartment number and also the name of the layout used for that estate.

Purchasing deed window

Here something to remember when buying deeds - their TT (Trade Terminal) value is 0.01PED - so you see a pricing of (TT+924.99 PED) for bid and buyout. So since the amount of the auction are the same we can just buy the estate right now for 925.00PED.

Purchase confirmed window

Click OK and open our inventory to check the actual deed in our possession.

deed in inventory window

Congratulation now you know to purchase your own estates in Entropia Universe.